The Wood Thrush is Home!

wood thrush booksAfter a little round-about and a lot of confusion over my address, the UPS truck from Greensboro finally arrived with the author copies of Waiting for the Wood Thrush!

Hallelujah! These little books are as welcome as the intermittent sunshine–a hint of spring on a cold November day.

Many thanks to Finishing Line Press for their faith in me. And also, to everyone who bought an early copy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please know that your book is on its way!


2 thoughts on “The Wood Thrush is Home!

    1. Thank you Diane! It’s been a good morale-booster. I’m up to my neck in essays and memoir-writing right now….and frankly, I’ve been missing poetry. 🙂 I hope you are well and that ALL your projects are swimming along…

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