Notes from Charlotte

Just returned from a great meeting of the N.C. Writers’ Network in Charlotte, where I had the honor of speaking with and hearing from numerous other writers. As the slogan for the NCWN goes, writing is a solitary art but all writers need a community. This saying has never been truer. Whether you’re writing mystery, suspense, nonfiction or poetry, all writers benefit from the chance to share triumphs and challenges. This weekend, I not only met talented writers, but more importantly, I met wonderful people. As a result, I have returned inspired and excited about my own journey.

A special thanks to Sarah Beth for assisting with my presentation; she knows that I could not have done this without her. She tackled her role with enthusiasm and encouragement and I will always be grateful.

As promised, to the patient attendees of my workshop, here is a copy of my presentation, From Writer to Entrepreneur: How Building a Theme-Based Website Can Take You There. And if, as you embark on your own website journey, I can help any of you in any way, I hope you won’t hesitate to call on me.


One thought on “Notes from Charlotte

  1. You know I was happy to do it! I loved the workshop and learned a lot. I too came home inspired and energized from meeting such great people. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you! – SB

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