Another poll…and this time it’s about pizza!

Being a fond eater and a “wanna-be” chef, one of the things that I enjoyed most about bringing the community of Yatesville to life was creating the culinary scene. After all, the eateries of a small town make up its lifeblood, the kind of places where people gather for more than just food: fellowship and gossip! So, of course there’s a biscuit place or two, an old-fashioned diner, and a Mexican restaurant, El Gato Gordo, which is a popular spot for lunchtime business meetings.

But in my view, and you know I’m not biased, no respectable small town should be without a signature pizza restaurant. And fortunately, I had a wealth of great memories to draw upon in the creation of Viking Pizza, Yatesville’s most famous pizza joint. For fun, try to guess which of the following attributes makes Viking Pizza so popular.

Hint: My fellow Asheboroians will have a definite advantage here!


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