The Answer to Our Poll and More…Countdown to August 19 Event!

A big thanks to all who answered our poll. And 100% of all respondents got it right! Just what is the source of Margaret’s stress? Herself! She doesn’t take time out to take care of her body, mind and spirit. So no wonder her stress meter is off the charts. Can you relate?

What treatment would be best for Margaret? Personally, I recommend the Spa at Bell House pedicure. It’s relaxing, pampering and presents a fun opportunity to try out a new color of polish. I also recommend the foot reflexology treatment, which helps restore balance and energy flow. But there’s also the facial, the body scrub, and last but not least, a variety of soothing massages. Take my word for it, Spa at Bell House offers a wealth of treatments that live up to their promise of Southern hospitality and exceptional care.

As for Margaret, unfortunately, her hometown doesn’t offer a wonderful retreat like Spa at Bell House. And you better believe there’s a lot  more trouble ahead for her in Naked and Hungry, including the hold-up of the car lot, the disappearance of her boss, and the threat that H.T.’s meddling mother will acquire the car lot and sell it.

Will Margaret toss in the towel or emerge a winner? For more of Margaret’s story, great conversation, and a special dessert of pastries and blackberry sauce, join us for Tea on the Front Porch on Friday, August 19 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.–just one week away. I’ll read a short excerpt from the book, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the perfect remedy for your Type A woes!


Calling all Type A’s!

Are you a Type A person? Trying to do too much? If you’re like Margaret Freeman, the office manager of McMullen Quality Pre-Owned Automobiles and one of the main characters in Naked and Hungry, you may be on STRESS OVERLOAD!

To be fair, poor Margaret suffers from stress on all sides. For an example, read this exchange between Margaret and H.T.

“You’re late again,” said Margaret. “And why can’t you just once dress up for work?”

“What’s wrong with my T-shirt?” asked H.T. “Is it the saying you object to?”

“ ‘I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.’ C’mon H.T., some people might take that as an insult.”

“Not our customers. They want one just like it., ” says H.T. “Hey, where’s Julio?”

“Out back, where else? You know he’s been like a man possessed, working on that Chevy. We’ve got other vehicles we need to fix up, H.T. In fact, we’ve had at least two people stop to ask about that Bobcat, but you know as well as I do that its engine needs to be rebuilt.”

For fun, and in celebration of our upcoming reading at Spa at Bell House on August 19, take a moment to participate in our trivia contest and identify the  major stress factor in Margaret’s life.

Tune in next time for the answer, the recommended Spa Bell House treatment for Margaret, and more details. In the meantime, RSVP for the event and make plans to join us on Friday, August 19. We’ll be reading a section from the book, giving away a special prize, but most importantly, enjoying some great food and conversation in the company of friends. Now that’s the ultimate stress-buster!