Naked and Hungry Teams Up with Sisters in Crime!

Next Sunday, July 1 at 1 p.m., I’ll speak to the Triangle chapter of Sisters in Crime, an internationally renowned writer’s association promoting the work of female crime and mystery writers. We’ll gather in Raleigh at Brier Creek at Earth Fare, a healthy supermarket specializing in earth-friendly fare.

Because I’ll be joining other writers, we’ll talk about one of our favorite subjects: promotion. The title will be “You Don’t Have to Go Naked and Hungry: Ten Tips for a Successful Book Promotion.” At this meeting, I’ll discuss my own journey to publication and the exciting world of promotion, both online and offline. I’ll talk about how I’ve taken advantage of Naked and Hungry’s storyline and characters to launch an unusual book tour that is helping build a following for my second novel, Born Again, Dead Again, to be released in September 2013.

In that spirit, we’ll also hold a drawing for a special prize that I hope underscores the fun side of promotion. Hint: It’s not a crepe pan! And who knows? We might bump into one of Naked and Hungry’s main characters, Jessica Beane, who is known for her passion for sustainable and organic food.

The event is free and open to the public so if you’re close by, I hope you’ll stop by. If you’re a writer, I hope you’ll also considering joining the group, which offers a lively bunch of writers and more exciting topics ahead.


Book Club + Crepes = Good Times!

Last Thursday I had the honor of speaking to about two dozen members of a book club (a day time group and a nighttime group) in the lovely neighborhood of Chapel Ridge in Pittsboro. I was invited by a dear lady named Beti Ann, with whom I share another good friend and hairstylist, Tonya. In fact, it was through Tonya that the invitation came about, for she has been plugging my book for almost a year to all of her patrons!

Not only did the group serve delicious appetizer crepes (cream cheese with sweet-hot jelly), it was a joy to learn that many of them had already read Naked and Hungry. This led to an insightful discussion about not just the book, but the writing process, which is a favorite topic among book clubs. My heartfelt thanks to Beti Ann, Mary, Sherry, Katherine, Cary, Julie and all the new friends I made.

This is the second book club I have spoken to, third if you count a long-distance relationship with a club in Florida that is dear to my heart. In fact it was the Happy Bookers of Lakeland, Fla., that inspired the creation of a special Naked and Hungry Q & A just for book clubs. And my first book club appearance was arranged through another childhood friend from my hometown of Asheboro.

Lesson learned? For all of my writer friends, as you seek connections with local book clubs, don’t rule out your childhood friends and especially your hairstylist! As for the latter, not only does she or he know all your secrets, they also know everyone else’s!