Another evening of story-telling…

scuppernong books
I’m reading “The Dave Department” — my short flash about waiting for a call-back from a service tech who seems to always be at lunch. (Photo credit: Anne Anthony)

Last night was rich with literary delights: writer-reader connections, stories galore, and scintillating conversation all within the charming Scuppernong Books in downtown Greensboro.

It was the final official leg of the book tour for The Collection: Flash Fiction for Flash Memory. I read two stories and we heard from six other authors, including our dynamic co-editor Anne Anthony. Each one of us had the opportunity to speak about what inspired our stories, which made the event particularly interesting. Want your own copy?  Order it here.

Interested in learning more about the exciting form of flash fiction? Sign up for one of two daylong workshops I’m leading this fall at Central Carolina Community College.

September 22, 2018: Flash Fiction Bootcamp. Think you don’t have time to write? Anybody has time for flash fiction, and by the end of this class, you’ll have five finished pieces. Bring your favorite writing gear (notebook and pen/pencil or laptop) and get ready for some prompts, new inspirations, and instant feedback. Atten-hut!

October 13, 2018: Flash Fiction: Revision and Publication. Now that you’ve written your first flash fictions, you’re ready to show them off! Bring a story of your own and learn how to revise, prepare and submit it for publication in online or print magazines, and how later to create a book-length collection and find publishers.

We’ll talk more about craft elements soon, such as the importance of a title…..

Naked and Hungry Makes The News and Record!

Last week I learned that Naked and Hungry received its first review in a major media outlet. The review made the front page of the Books section of the Sunday, March 18 edition of the Greensboro News and Record.

Titled “Environmental Shenanigans, Southern Style,” reviewer Linda Brinson praises the book for its balance of humor and environmental awareness. The article isn’t yet available online so I’ll provide a brief excerpt below.

“If you had to slot Memory’s slim novel into a fictional genre, it probably would land somewhere in the realm of Southern comedy ‍and satire. Memory, who lives in Pittsboro, knows her territory. She gets the details of 21st-century small-town North Carolina right. She obviously enjoys poking a little fun at such staples as good ol’ boys, restless housewives, hypocritical preachers ‍and slickly crooked politicians. The humor isn’t too heavy-handed, however, ‍and as a result, the book is really funny.”

The same week that I learned of this review, Naked and Hungry was also mentioned in the College Bookshelf section of the spring issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine (page 31) which is the alumni magazine of the College of Arts and Sciences at Carolina.

These mentions wouldn’t have been possible without the loyalty of a growing network of “Naked” fans, who continue to help spread the word throughout the state and beyond. Again, I thank you.


Naked and Hungry Goes to Greensboro!

Just returned from the 10th Annual Celebration of Farmers at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market, a surprisingly extensive local market founded in 1874, which makes it one of the state’s oldest. The market offers a variety of seasonal produce, home-baked goods and even crafts, such as jewelry and crocheted hand-towels.

My good friend Donna Myers from high school organized this event, which offered a delicious country breakfast on red-checkered table cloths and live music. I recommend the biscuits and homemade strawberry jam! All total, there were more than 100 attendees, some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. These included tobacco and corn farmers, members of a Peruvian friendship mission, even Presbyterian minister-song writers. A highlight was my friend Cosmo pictured to the left showing off his new trick. Paws up to Naked and Hungry!

A special thanks to Donna for inviting me, and to Claudia and Charlie Griffin for their hospitality and cheerful help setting up the Naked and Hungry tent. Couldn’t have done it without you! Also, thank you Yolanda and Emma for making the trek from Durham to hear the reading. Wish I’d gotten your picture!
For more pictures, check out our Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market album.

Naked and Hungry Celebrates N.C. Farmers at the Greensboro Curb Market!

When high school chum Donna Myers asked me to attend the 10th Annual Farmers Appreciation Day at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market, I was thrilled to say “YES!”

It’s no secret that the title of my novel was inspired by the slogan of the Future Farmers of America —  the dedicated men and women whose efforts keep us from running around “naked and hungry.” My main character, H.T. McMullen, is not a farmer by trade, but having recently turned his back on materialism, he is now embracing a hand-to-mouth existence. He built his own cabin from recycled materials and lives on fish he catches himself and homegrown fruit and vegetables. With no mortgage, fresh food, an abundance of wildlife, it’s a dream lifestyle until…

H.T. discovers that his pristine retreat is anything but. In fact, it’s been built on the site of a hazardous waste dump. And that’s when the story gets a little more interesting.

To hear more about the book, and register for a FREE crepe pan (H.T.’s favorite cooking tool), join us on Sept. 10 (less than two weeks away) at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market. There’ll be a host of other fun activities, including a locally produced breakfast, live music, and organizations that support eating local and eating healthy.

Hope to see you there! For more, and to sign up for the event, see the Facebook event page.