Happy Mutts Day!

Today, in honor of Shorty McMullen, the irascible mutt who helps save the day in Naked and Hungry and Born Again, Dead Again, we celebrate a day just for the non-pedigreed dogs of the world. And it’s about time. July 31 is NOT the day for your impeccable pekingese or Maltese. It’s not a day for your regal Afghan hound  or even the Presidential pooch, Bo the Portuguese water dog. It is not a day for dogs named Fifi or Duke.

Today is a day for all those dogs named Lucky, Sooner, or Bubba. It’s for those dogs with a DNA profile as random as the seashells that wash up on the beach. No one know for sure, but Shorty may have some German Shepherd, a splash of Dalmatian and even a smattering of Chihuahua in his genetic profile. Regardless, he’s undeniably a special dog. At times, he’s grumpy and willful. He’s also naughty and prone to outright disobedience. But he seems to have a sixth sense for when his “owner” (and I use this term most loosely) needs him the most. So we have to ask…are our mutts as random as we think?

There’s plenty of mayhem ahead in Born Again, Dead Again and to be sure, Shorty will be right back in the thick of things. He’s also up to plenty of mischief himself, involving the nice girl next door, a beautiful poodle named Miss Angelique!

If you have a mutt or know a mutt, take a few moments to scratch his ears or to toss him a treat. Tell her how grateful you are that she is in the world. And remind yourself that what makes all dogs so special is the fact that they don’t care where we came from; they just love us for who we are.


Happy (Late) Nude Day!

In addition to Bastille Day in France, I just learned that yesterday  (July 14) was National Nude Day in the U.S.! Why is this important?

It’s very important for Jessica Beane, the activist who re-appears in Born Again, Dead Again, my sequel to Naked and Hungry, because nudists come to her rescue during her protests of environmental injustice. While Jessica does not go au naturelle in her adventures, her commitment to the environment is as truthful as nudity in its expression. And the Free to Be Me nudists prove to be valuable allies in her quest to keep the natural world “pristine and serene.” Below is an excerpt from Jessica’s blog, which was written after an investigation in Corolla, N.C.:

The bad news is that on this very same trip I actually caught a construction company destroying the homes of countless sea turtles. Yes, before my very eyes I spied a bulldozer operator mowing over a protected nesting area. Needless to say, I made quite a spectacle as I literally threw myself in front of the bulldozer’s path. Lucky for me, some concerned nudists happened to be near by and joined the protest. Amidst the hullabaloo, the nefarious bulldozer operator fled the scene but you can be sure that I immediately filed a complaint with the Division of Coastal Management and will be reporting back on the resolution. Lesson learned? There’s like nothing like nudity to bring attention to an issue. 

This summer and fall, I’ll be continuing to promote Naked and Hungry at events in places such as Kernersville and Knoxville. For more, check out the latest event schedule. I’ll also be working with my editor and publisher to plan the launch of Born Again, Dead Again. So stay tuned to this blog for the latest news, contests and publication of more excerpts!

In the meantime, stay cool any way you can. 😉


Mopping My Way into 2012

I may be the only person who celebrated New Year’s Eve by mopping her kitchen floor but boy, was it cathartic! You see, after one and a half years, Born Again, Dead Again is finally finished. Of course, much proofreading lies ahead but I’ve done the hardest part, tying up the loose ends and resolving the plot to my satisfaction.

And after several days spent curled up with my laptop, it felt great to stretch my legs again. That made me look around the house and see all the work that I’ve neglected for the past few days…but first I think I’ll treat myself to a coconut martini, a bowl of popcorn and a re-run or two of Strangers with Candy (my guilty pleasure).

I suppose I should set new resolutions for 2012, but having finished this book (a 2011 resolution by the way), I’m okay playing it by ear for a change.

We do have a number of events ahead next year for Naked and Hungry, so I hope to see you in 2012. For now, here’s wishing you a productive year and a few quiet moments to celebrate the accomplishments of 2011.