Free Flash Fiction Workshop at Asheboro Library!

Flash Fiction September


Creative Writing Events Near You!

Are you wriwritingting short stories? How about creative nonfiction or true-life essays? And let’s not forget about the third leg of this literary stool — poetry! Are you ready to submit your work?

No matter what you’re writing, revising or preparing to submit, you’re bound to find a local special event that may help you in your creative endeavors, from readings to classes, talks, and more! And some events are free! By attending, you’ll also meet other like-minded writers who can help you in your journey. Writing is by nature a solitary act, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

As a special note, in addition to teaching a class at Central Carolina Community College this fall, I’m also honored to be presenting two workshops at Charlotte Center for Literary Arts, Inc. later this fall and in January. I look forward to working with and meeting writers in the Charlotte metro area.

Hope to see you at one of these events. In the meantime, keep writing and delighting!

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Naked and Hungry Goes Home…to Asheboro!

December ushered in a whirlwind of activity for Naked and Hungry. Last week, I read at the noon meeting of the High Point Rotary Club in High Point, N.C. and met many new friends, many of whom share a connection with my hometown of Asheboro.

On the same day I traveled to Charlotte to read at Park Road Books. There I had the pleasure of greeting many old friends and several relatives that I hadn’t seen in far too long. I was also privileged to be the guest of my friends Twing and Keith, who rolled out the red carpet with their kindness and hospitality.

This month’s activity culminates with an appearance at the Asheboro Public Library on Thursday, Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. as the guest of The Happy Bookers book club.  Special thanks in advance to my friend Delores (mother of my dear high school friend Lorie) for inviting me.

In many ways the journey of Naked and Hungry began at this same place, for it was at this library that my love for stories was first nurtured. Here I spent countless hours curled up on a bean bag, indulging any whim or interest that came to mind. It’s also a fitting location since my hometown was one of the models for the setting of Naked and Hungry.

If you’re local and would like to join us, I hope you do. The best part of this journey has been reuniting with old friends and the opportunity to talk about a common love for books and storytelling. See you soon!


Naked and Hungry is Featured in Asheboro & More Magazine!

Heads up! My amazing and dearest friend Sarah Beth Robbins kindly wrote an article on Naked and Hungry for the November 2011 issue of Asheboro & More magazine. The article includes more about my inspiration for the book, including the influence of my hometown of Asheboro, and other fun childhood memories.

Check out pages 68-69 of Asheboro & More.

And speaking of Asheboro, please also note that I’ll be reading from the book at the holiday meeting of The Happy Bookers at the Asheboro/Randolph County Public Library on Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. Would love to see you there!