Take Care of Yourself!

So glad to be inside today, as the pounding rain and high winds from Hurricane Ian invade our peaceful woods. I just looked at the radar, and we expect even more of this to arrive in central Randolph County tonight and tomorrow. Our prayers remain with our friends in Florida and South Carolina, who have also suffered the wrath of this deadly storm.

Today I found out that my most recent Healthline article was just published, and in the spirit of safety and self-preservation, I thought I’d share. Take Time Out for Self-Care with M.S. is written for those of us affected by chronic illness, but these same principles apply to anyone faced with stress and challenging circumstances, and this includes a major hurricane.

Many thanks to editor Laurie Budgar and Christina P. Kantzavelos, LCSW, the author of “Begin Within Healing Journal” for their help with this piece.

To everyone, please take cover and stay safe.


6 thoughts on “Take Care of Yourself!

  1. Soothing and simple—thanks Ashley. I can always use the reminder to breathe when stressed, and will definitely remember your advice that self-care needs to be preventative, rather than “after care.”

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