The Wood Thrush Returns!

I wondered if I’d hear him in April, National Poetry Month, although he sometimes doesn’t return to our woods until May. But he is, after all, a poet himself. And this morning, first thing, while walking the dogs, I heard that familiar soft trill. His winter sojourn in Central America is over, and he’s back! Of course I didn’t see him, he’s too shy for that, but his voice is unmistakable.

I had the honor of being asked to contribute to the “Poetry Out Loud” celebration for Charlotte Lit this month, and I’m so glad I chose to read “Waiting for the Wood Thrush.”

Check out it here, along with the work of even more Charlotte Lit faculty members and poets. Here’s hoping that you’re having a splendid month, and you’re writing a little poetry yourself.


6 thoughts on “The Wood Thrush Returns!

  1. You have a lovely speaking voice that really does sound prayerful when you read “Wood Thrush,” Ashley. I played your linked video of the wood thrush singing and felt envious we don’t have them here in the northern Rockies. What a classic song of a a forest paradise!

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