Wrapping up the Story a Day challenge

I did it! Foblack raspberryr each day of May, I drafted a story every morning. This means I ended up with 31 rough drafts, more than enough to see me through a summer and fall of solid writing.

It wasn’t as easy as picking black raspberries, but I’m so glad I did it.  Most of the stories are still rough drafts but I now have at least 10 viable starts to longer pieces. And yes, looking back, there’s a little bit of “chaff” that may never see the light of day. Uh, what was I thinking?

So how did I do it? In the beginning, I leaned heavily on writing prompts from other sources. One of my more finished pieces is based on a mythological story–a love triangle resolved through clever debate (Thank you, Fred White, author of The Daily Reader.). Another one is based on a prompt from Story A Day, Write a Letter (Thank you, Julie Duffy).  I also pulled out a few latent ideas of my own that I’d been hoarding. Many ideas, however, seemed to just spawn themselves, a freaky synthesis of my own experience and writing mind, if that makes sense. One idea ended up yielding two separate stories!

Having worked on longer pieces for so long, I was a little out of the habit of generating new ideas. So I found the discipline of this effort extremely useful. As they say, we first make our habits, and then our habits make us. Not surprisingly, the more you write, the more ideas you get.

I also managed to make a little jam (strawberry and early peach). And yes, as another reward, I’ll  be treating myself to William Trevor’s collection of last stories very soon. And for now, I’ll be revising, revising, revising….




2 thoughts on “Wrapping up the Story a Day challenge

  1. Dear Ashley Memory:

    I enjoyed reading your blog, and was delighted to learn that my book, The Daily Reader, helped you to write a story a day. Seeing that you love writing flash fiction (a kindred spirit!),
    I thought you might be interested in my new book, Writing Flash. Here is its Amazon link:

    Wishing you continued success with your writing!

    Warm regards,

    Fred D. White

    1. Wow! Hi Fred. I am so honored you stopped by. Yes, I love both your books — The Daily Reader AND The Daily Writer–no matter what the particular calendar day, I always find something inspirational. And I just ordered your new book. It will come in handy for my fall workshops. P.S. The flash fiction that I wrote that was inspired by your prompt (titled “Lavender and Lilies”) was just accepted by a local anthology! Thank you for all you do to help writers find their way.

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