Poem #30 – From the Liberty Antiques Fair!

libertyFor my last poem, I write from Friday’s visit to the famed Liberty Antiques Fair, where I was as moved the vendors and their stories as I was by the splendid selection of centuries-old bric-a-brac. Read Poem #30, The Sunday House, here.

The complete list of my work, along with that of my fellow poets, will be posted on the Tupelo Press site for an additional 30 days. From the drop-down menu, just click on the link for the April 30/30 project.

If you’ve enjoyed my work, I hope you’ll consider supporting me with a small donation. Every little bit helps. Supportive comments on this blog (and Facebook) have been so appreciated because they’ve inspired me throughout my journey. And at the end of it, I am so grateful for the experience. Not only have we contributed to a great cause, but personally I’ve bolstered my discipline for writing daily and made some great friends along the way!



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