Poem #7 – Remember the Lunar Eclipse of 1982?

Okay, this is actually a picture from last night (no eclipse) but the moon is always evocative, isn’t it? 

Where were you during the lunar eclipse of 1982? I know where I was….on the front lawn of my cherished friend Sarah Beth. Today’s poem is inspired by that experience and is dedicated to her.

Want to read it? If so, scroll down in the alphabetical list in Day 6 to read “Lunar Eclipse, July 5-6, 1982.” 

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Many, many thanks to all of you have contributed to the cause so far — either through a monetary donation or moral support, which are equally valuable.

Please know that your contributions are going to a great cause. Tupelo Press is a prestigious non-profit press, and for 17 years their mission has been to publish new voices. They are giving my work some exposure, and bringing me into a community of over 350 alumni helping each other publish our work.


2 thoughts on “Poem #7 – Remember the Lunar Eclipse of 1982?

    1. Thank you very much. I do feel that this one is one of the weakest. It was more of a homage to the real “Amanda” — my friend Sarah Beth. Later, I think it would be worth a serious revision, though because of the singularity of the experience.

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