Poem #4 – Memo from the Search Committee

Writing poems about the daily grind is is hard! Many times we’re so emotionally invested in our work that we lack the ability to be objective enough to turn the experience into something others can understand. But once in a while, as my friend Ruth has said, life just gives you a little gift. And in this case, it was my recent experience chairing a search committee for a vacancy at my workplace.

To see my poem for today, scroll down in the alphabetical list in Day 4 to read “Memo from the Search Committee.”  What do you think? How did I do?

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4 thoughts on “Poem #4 – Memo from the Search Committee

  1. Love the poems. Enjoyed the finger of candlelight image. thanks so much for sharing these with me.

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  2. I remember going through resumes at UNC when I posted a job – Lordy – gardeners applying for my inside office job opening! You captured that drop in the ocean quality of the job search perfectly. 🙂 M

      1. I think I accidentally deleted your comment about the “Prince of Someday” when I was trying to reply — I’m so sorry! Meant to reply and say, yes, it’s hard not to like the dreamers, there’s a little bit of the dreamer in all of us, at least I hope so!

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