Voices From The Porch is Available for Pre-Order Now!


What better way to enjoy the gentle end of summer than to spend the afternoon daydreaming on the porch? Well, I can think of something even better. Sitting on the porch while reading stories, essays, and poems inspired by the porch.

Not too long ago, I learned that my short story, “His Name Is Roscoe,” had been accepted for publication by Main Street Rag for a special anthology featuring porch-themed tales. While it won’t be available until Spring 2014, you can be prepared for next year’s porch season by ordering an advance copy now.

Hint: And it’s also on sale for just $9.50! This book will feature the work of many other N.C. writers, so I hope that you’ll help us all by ordering your copy today.

Order Voices from the Porch now.


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