Getting Ready for Andalusia Farm…and Flannery!

ImageAs my readers and friends know, one of my literary heroines has long been Flannery O’Connor, the great Southern writer and master of the short story. One of my goals this year was to go on a pilgrimage to Andalusia Farm in Milledgeville, Georgia, and I’m so happy to say that it will finally come to pass this upcoming week, weather and God willing!   

Andalusia was Flannery’s family home and the place where she moved shortly after earning her MFA from the University of Iowa. The region (and its characters) was the inspiration behind her most famous works, and I hope to gain more insight into the all-too-short life of a woman who crafted such unforgettable characters as the Misfit, Manley Pointer and Ruby Turpin. 

My friend and fellow Flannery fan Jen kindly agreed to drive if I would read aloud Flannery’s short works to pass the time. It’s a six-hour drive so we’ll have plenty of time. We both are half-hoping to run into some of these characters; well, maybe not the Misfit, but perhaps “The Grandmother!” At the very least, we expect to see some peacocks, who are reputedly in their full plumage this time of year.

To prepare, we’ve both read Brad Gooch’s biography, the latest biography, which is chockfull of delicious details from her life and is one of my most favorite literary biographies of all time.

I promise to share an update and pictures soon!


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