On This Day in 1829…

il_170x135.284707828The primitive typewriter was patented! What a long way we’ve come. My first typewriter was rather deluxe, a Royal self-correcting model that would record your last few keystrokes so that if I made a typo, I could “rewind” back over it with a correcting ribbon. Unfortunately, this model, circa 1985, was born on the cusp of the home computer. I don’t have to tell you how that story ended.

Nonetheless, if the primitive typewriter was the heir to the printing press (kind of like a personal printing press), it was quite an innovation in 1829. And me and my Royal had a great run, as I used it to type my very first college papers. Ah, the memories!

Also on this day in history, I was delighted to pen a guest blog for Dames in Dialogue, a funky blog run by a group of Southern women writers. I blogged about one of my favorite topics: cooking. Check out A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Kitchen.


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