Nobody Goes Naked and Hungry at the Market!

What a day! Making crepes at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market was an unforgettable experience. It was a fantasy come true—not just one but two. I experienced the life of a restauranteur AND Iron Chef competitor. There’s nothing like taking and trying to fulfill orders placed by fellow epicures and giving a demonstration at the same time.

Needless to say, I emerged with new respect for those who are brave enough to run a restaurant and those who can perform on the spot. We’re not sure but we think we made about 100 crepes yesterday. And all with locally-sourced ingredients such as fresh eggs, milk, goat cheese, spinach, spring onions and strawberries.

As exhilarating as it was, nothing compared to the enjoyment of handing a young girl her very first crepe!

Among the happy marketers, the day yielded a few surprise guests, including Lynne Dardanell from the Piedmont Land Conservancy and Justin Catanoso, esteemed journalist, professor and author of My Cousin the Saint. 

Both of these fine folks have been very supportive of Naked and Hungry and Justin even posed for this picture.

Amidst the frenetic activity—which did not let up for 3 hours—the public was very patient as I got my crepe mojo on. A  gregarious Japanese man snapped some pictures while offering his own suggestions for a spring-roll inspired crepe.

Special thanks goes to my husband Robert who kept the gas flames burning (and put out the fire!) and not only took these great pictures but donned an apron and sauteed spinach and green onions for the savory crepes! Somehow, he also managed to sneak in a few peeks at the Master’s on his smart phone.

This picture is a great expression of the day’s attitude: getting by with a little help from your friends. Here sweet Bella gives a boost to her young neighbor Cameron who was determined to get a better glimpse of the crepe-making

And speaking of friends, the day wouldn’t have been possible at all without Donna Myers, who organized it all. From the big things like handling publicity to little things like dashing home to replace the spatula we shattered on our way in, Donna is a true credit to her profession.

Last but not least, we thank dear Josie, who stepped in as sous chef. Not only was she super-effficient at slicing strawberries and spring onions, she seemed to have a chef’s instinct about what needed to be done next. Her grace and kindness was observed by all, and we have no doubt that she is destined for great, great things.


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