Naked in Hungary

This morning I caught Nando on my laptop surfing the internet. Not surprisingly, his search history included terms such as “rawhide,”  “how to catch squirrels,” and “how to cope with a neurotic owner.” All innocent fun but suppose he had been there a minute longer? He did look a little guilty so I hesitate to ponder what other frontiers exist in the canine mind.

As for humans, there are no surprises. WordPress gives bloggers a handy little report that lists all the terms that internet surfers use to stumble upon our blogs. Needless to say, with a novel titled Naked and Hungry, one must be prepared for the tone and scope of search terms you will see. It’s also fair to say that these surfers were not always looking for what I had to offer.

However, I do find quite a bit of amusement in the terms that bring surfers to my blog. One of my favorites has been “Naked in Hungary” which has appeared far too frequently for it to be a mistyping of “Naked and Hungry.” It certainly brings a bit of adventure to the idea of traveling in Eastern Europe and may explain why it’s such a popular tourist destination nowadays. Other gems have been “naked celebrates” which appears so often that I’m thinking it’s probably a mistyping of “naked celebrities.” So if any of my writer friends are seeking a sure-fire title that would bring a steady stream of traffic, I’m offering this term up for your use.

I try not to ponder too long on the kind of person who would enter “caroline I would love to see you naked” in the search engines, but instead I find joy in knowing that so many people share my love of authors William Trevor (“william trevor favorite author”) and Flannery O’Connor (“conflict in a good man is hard to find”). I only hope that these kindred spirits will stay long enough to read a posting or two or perhaps even comment.

Have any search engine stories of your own? Share them here and at the very least, we’ll have a good laugh. As for Nando, I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on him.


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