What Are You Wearing to the Comedy Festival?

My son Dashiel is carrying the family creative torch by opening the South’s largest comedy festival  in Chapel Hill on Thursday night. It’s been his dream to make it as a stand-up comedian and his dad and I are so proud of his drive and dedication.

“So Dash,” I said over the phone today, “Can I help you out with your performance on Thursday? You know, buy you some new clothes or something?”

Here is a long pause, followed by the clatter of dishes and other noise. In between pursuing his dream, Dashiel works as a server at a local chain restaurant and he is at work today. But it feels like we’re back in elementary school and I’m trying to talk him into wearing that new little suit that I bought him.

“No Mom. I’m fine. It’s not like I have to dress up or anything. I’m just wearing some basic college clothes.”

“Can I get you some shoes?”

“Mom, it will be FINE. I’m wearing a pressed shirt, okay?”

I won’t ask him who pressed it. I’ll just trust him. And I’ll try not to cheer too loudly at the show.

Eleven years in the running, the N.C. Comedy Arts Festival was created in 2001 to showcase the art of comedic improvisation to Southern improv students and Carolina audiences. The 2012 festival will feature standup, sketch and improv acts from all over North Carolina performing in 7 local venues during the month of February. Hope to see you there. Read more about Dashiel. 


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