Mopping My Way into 2012

I may be the only person who celebrated New Year’s Eve by mopping her kitchen floor but boy, was it cathartic! You see, after one and a half years, Born Again, Dead Again is finally finished. Of course, much proofreading lies ahead but I’ve done the hardest part, tying up the loose ends and resolving the plot to my satisfaction.

And after several days spent curled up with my laptop, it felt great to stretch my legs again. That made me look around the house and see all the work that I’ve neglected for the past few days…but first I think I’ll treat myself to a coconut martini, a bowl of popcorn and a re-run or two of Strangers with Candy (my guilty pleasure).

I suppose I should set new resolutions for 2012, but having finished this book (a 2011 resolution by the way), I’m okay playing it by ear for a change.

We do have a number of events ahead next year for Naked and Hungry, so I hope to see you in 2012. For now, here’s wishing you a productive year and a few quiet moments to celebrate the accomplishments of 2011.


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