Naked and Hungry Named a Promising Read by Library Journal

Just learned that Library Journal has named Naked and Hungry as one of nearly 200 “promising debut novels” in their semi-annual list of recommendations for library collections. And it’s just one of five N.C. novels to make the list. It’s mentioned on their website and October print issue. Read more.

I was thrilled with this news because it means this little book may come to the notice of more readers and perhaps even more book clubs. And the timing couldn’t be better because I’m slated to speak at the Randolph County Public Library in December of this year, thanks to the Asheboro Happy Bookers. It is with humble gratitude that I share this honor with this local club (thanks Delores!) as well as the Lakeland, Fla, Happy Bookers (thanks Jeanne!). And of course, I will always be grateful to the Randolph County Library,  the source of countless afternoons spent curled up on a beanbag chair lost in a pile of books.

Remember those days? The library was the one place where parents could feel safe about dropping off their kids for the day. I can’t say that I knew I would be a writer in those early days because I was more captivated by the joys of reading. There the shy little girl could give free rein to her interests and imagination. I could go anywhere, be anyone, and take home as many books as I liked. What about you? Do you have a favorite library memory? If so, share it here!


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