Announcing New Facebook Page for Naked and Hungry!

All, I followed the very wise advice of my fellow writer, Rick Bylina, and recently created a Facebook page for Naked and Hungry. Please help us spread the word by “liking it” and let’s get to 50 fans by the end of the weekend! Stay tuned for trivia, contests and much more fun.

By the way, today Rick debuted his his new mystery novel, One Promise Too Many, on Smashwords. Read about it and order it here. From the description, the book offers plenty of suspense and knowing Rick, you can count on healthy doses of wit, humor, and style. I can’t wait to dive in!

Have a nice weekend! Stay cool by staying inside and enjoying a great book.


2 thoughts on “Announcing New Facebook Page for Naked and Hungry!

  1. Read the first few chapters and am saving the rest for the long drive from Wisconsin to NC on Sunday, because I need a good book.

    What’s the next book, “Nude and Thirsty”?

    1. Ha! Wish I’d thought of that! Hope you like it. I’m just opening my smashwords account tonight and will start reading yours. You should have a launch party now that you’ve finished! I LOVE the cover!

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