Where’s Bermadean? Naked and Hungry Goes to Elodie Farms–Postponed

All, we’ve reluctantly decided to postpone our August 6 reading at Elodie Farms, given the extreme heat. We’ll reschedule later; in the meantime, please enjoy this brief excerpt from Naked and Hungry, Chapter 8:

“Lordy be,” said H.T.’s mother Myrtle, sticking her fingers through the bars of the cell. At her side stood her African pygmy goat. “Bermadean, say hello to your brother.”

The two-foot goat nudged her way forward, bleating softly. She had long black and gray fur that edged her hindquarters like a petticoat and pink ribbons on her ears. Ever since Myrtle had won Bermadean at a 4-H show three years ago, the two were a regular sight around town. They delivered casseroles and crumbles to the sick, the lonely, and what seemed to H.T. to be an endless supply of obscure relatives. As youngsters, H.T. and his brother Delbert had been forced to accompany Myrtle on these high-cholesterol ministries, which H.T. suspected were not always welcomed by those unfortunate souls who happened to be at home.

Wondering what the real Bermadean looks like? Join us on August 6 to find out! Elodie Farms Owner Dave Artigues will give a tour of the Triangle’s premier goat and and dairy farm. From Lulu the chihuahua to a full herd of miniature goats, you’ll meet a wide variety of “characters” who could easily make themselves at home in Naked and Hungry. The kids (adults and youngsters alike) will then try to locate the real “Bermadean!”

We’ll then go inside the beautiful farmhouse for strawberry lemonade, special treats, and a short reading of Naked and Hungry. And course, there’ll be picture-taking and a drawing for a special prize: a gift certificate to Whole Foods, in support of sustainable agriculture. As some of you know, my main character, H.T. McMullen, has recently retreated to a simple life and now grows his own vegetables, which he douses with harvested rainwater. In his case, of course, life doesn’t turn out to be that easy, as our reluctant discovers that he unintentionally built his one-room cabin on the site of a hazardous waste dump. What happens next? You’ll have to read the book! 🙂

Wanna go? RSVP on Facebook. Hope to see you there!


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