Naked and Hungry Goes to Coffee & Crepes!

Had a great time at Coffee & Crepes last night, courtesy of Terri and Andres Pastrana, the owners of a divine creperie in Cary.

They and their staff cheerfully served up H.T.’s recipe for blackberry crepes to a “Naked and Hungry” crowd of nearly 40 who gathered for a reading. The weather was a gift, low humidity with a delicate breeze. Later, a full moon sailed in, no lie, as round and golden as a crepe!

More photos to come later…courtesy of Melissa, but a special thanks to Lauralee for this wonderful arrangement in advance. A book and a crepe, what could be better?  Also, thank you Sarah Beth and son, who kindly oversaw all the little details, including the crepe pan giveaway. Congratulations to Diane of Cary!

Finally, thanks to all who attended and gave up a precious evening at home to spend time with me.  I know it’s selfish, but I wish it could have gone on forever. Thankfully, there’s more fun to come!

Coming soon, details on the next “Naked and Hungry” event at Elodie Farms on August 6. Help us find the real Bermadean! Warning: this event is for the “kids!”


5 thoughts on “Naked and Hungry Goes to Coffee & Crepes!

  1. Ashley,
    What a perfect evening — wickedly delicious crepes, a full moon, and your wonderful reading. It was Harry Potter opening night, but I think you had all the magic in Cary! Thanks for a great time.

    All best,

  2. I had a really nice time out with you all! I bought a book, and have just started it. I hope to get through it over the weekend. (I’m kind of a voracious reader)

    I drove home with the top down all the way under that beautiful moon. Beautiful night for a drive in the moonlight.

    Thank you for allowing us to read your story a “little early”!

  3. Mary, thank you again for coming. I was just getting ready to email you — had an idea for marketing. We simply have to have lunch soon. P.S. My dad loved meeting you!

    Walter, thank you SO MUCH for making the drive. I’m so glad you “coasted” home safely under that beautiful moon. Tell Amber and Trey hello!

  4. I had wonderful time last conversing with your dad and his lovely wife and meeting new people interested in reading and Food. I learned tonight that you facebook with my best friend Carol Kearns. Small world. Congrats Again!!!!!!

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