Ten Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

As summer sets in and those interminably long days drag by—especially in a small town like Yatesville—you may find yourself the victim of something far worse than a raging case of poison ivy. Boredom! If so, H.T., the main character of Naked and Hungry offers the following tips:

  1. Give a stray dog a square meal and a dry place to sleep—you’ll have a friend for life.
  2. Buy a failing business and hire the two most desperate people you can find—you’ll be forever entertained by their bickering.
  3. Move a sleeping bag to the porch and fall asleep to the cacophony of cicadas.
  4. Make friends with someone worse off than you…even if you have to travel to the other side of the county to find him.
  5. Treat yourself to fried chicken, ketchup potatoes, squash pickles and strawberry congealed salad.
  6. Call up your best friend and relive your favorite high school prank. When the laughter dies down, embellish accordingly.
  7. Pretend you have amnesia for the weekend. Try not to forget.
  8. Threaten three men with a nail gun and spend the night in jail.
  9. Find your fourth-grade tonette and see how many variations of “Hot Cross Buns” you can play.
  10. Attend the Art4Aid.org Charity BBQ on May 28!

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