What Are You Thankful For?

With just two days before Thanksgiving,  I am reminded of a Reader’s Digest article I read long ago. The author stressed the importance of making an effort to express gratitude for even the smallest of gifts on a daily basis. It might mean, for example, thanking your husband for his support after a stressful day, thanking your son for his ability to make you laugh, or thanking God for the camellias that manage to bloom in winter. It might take a bit of soul-searching to do this, but even on the worst of days, it’s not so hard to find something to be grateful about.

Yes, I have to go to work but my car has gas in it.
Three of the four buttons on my blazer are still attached.
The dog has piddled on the floor but at least I didn’t step in it!

As I reflect on these blessings, I can’t help thinking about H.T., the main character in Naked and Hungry. After the difficult circumstances he faces, his thank-you list might read a little like this:

Although my dog has been impounded, at least he is still alive.
With a net worth of -$543, I don’t have to worry about anyone envying me.
Although I woke up in jail, at least I woke up.

H.T. is fortunate in many ways, however. His life has sunk so low that there’s nowhere else to fall. It’s why he has no choice but to face things with courage and a healthy dose of humor. This helps him appreciate the little things like Krispy Kreme doughnuts and his copper-bottomed saute pan.

Not surprisingly, as the author of the Digest article pointed out, there is a correlation between gratitude and a higher life satisfaction and stronger relationships in your life.

So we’ll end where we began. Yes, among many other things to do tomorrow, I’ve got to brine a turkey but thank heavens I’ve got a turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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