And the votes are in….

If you were tuning in for some pithy insights about state or national politics, sorry! I’m talking about the results of our very own poll on the importance of book covers. Guess what? All of you who voted agreed that the cover of a book is important in your decision of whether or not to read or buy a book. While only 14% report that a book cover is “very important,” most of you gave ratings between “important and somewhat important” which tells me that yes, indeed, we do tend to judge a book by the cover.

I hope I see you this weekend in Charlotte at the N.C. Writers’ Network Conference! Along with the help of my dear friend Sarah Beth Robbins, I’ll be leading a workshop on website development. We both look forward to connecting with other writers and learning from them. We also hope to visit with another longtime friend, Twing, who lives just a few blocks away from our hotel. Immediately following the conference, please check back to this blog for a pdf version of our presentation, From Writer to Entrepreneur, which I promise to post here. I also  hope to have a digital image of the final cover of Naked and Hungry very soon, which I can’t wait to share.

Until then, stay well and keep writing!



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