Enjoy writing? Let’s go to the North Carolina Writers’ Network Conference!

Enjoy writing? Then you should plan to attend the annual conference of the North Carolina Writers’ Network in Charlotte from November 5-7. Learn from the masters such as the state Poet Laureate Cathy Smith Bowers and Robert Inman, journalist turned screenwriter. You can also network with other writers and peruse the state’s latest literary offerings. And….if you’re interested in learning how to develop a website, plan to attend a very special session titled “From Writer to Entrepreneur: How Building a Theme-Based Web Site Can Take You There” by yours truly!

Here is a description:

Tired of waiting weeks or months for responses to your query letters? Fill up the time by creating your own website for fun…and for profit. No matter what your passion—whether pets, travel, cooking, gardening, you name it!—Ashley T. Memory will teach you how to create a high-traffic and profitable website with little to no knowledge of technology. In this informative and fun workshop, you’ll learn how to select a site concept, create high-value content pages, and build the kind of relationship with your visitors that will turn your website into a successful online business.

For more, check out the entire Conference Brochure. Hope to see you there!


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