The Essential Guide to Crepes…is here!

After several months of development, I’m happy to say that The Essential Guide to Crepes is finally ready. This 60-page e-book was a labor of love, a reflection of my own particular passion for crepes. In it I provide our top recipes from World of Crepes, along with 10 more original recipes not found anywhere else. If you’ve ever thought about throwing a crepe party, you’ll find the final chapter especially informative with tips, strategies, and a full menu for pulling off a truly unforgettable event. A highlight to whet your appetite: Chocolate Crepes with Creme de Menthe Chantilly. By the way, and I only know this because I recently looked it up, but Chantilly is a fancy word for “whipped cream!”

If any of you have ever thought about writing your own e-book, I’d be happy to share details from my own experience, as this was my first. I’ll be speaking on this subject and website development in general at the N.C. Writers’ Network Conference in Charlotte in November. I hope some of you will be able to attend!

This was a nice diversion while I continued to work on the finalization of Naked and Hungry, which has now moved to the hands of my editor for a thorough copy-editing and proofreading. We’re also conferring on artwork for the cover, which is a fun project. I hope to share a glimpse of this in the near future. I’m starting to miss H.T. and gang, so I also hope to resume work on the sequel (tentatively titled: Born Again….Dead Again) very shortly.

Stay tuned!


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