And the winner is….plain glazed doughnuts

Guess what? More than 70 percent of you chose the original Krispy Kreme doughnut as H.T.’s favorite treat…and you were right! While a respectable number chose chocolate-covered, the truth is that H.T’s version of heaven is the plain glazed variety! He’s a no-frills guy when it comes to his doughnuts, and as it turns out, so are many of my guy friends, including Heath, who actually transported a batch of Krispy Kreme across state lines over the weekend. My hero!

This week has been a heavy travel week for me, first going to Chicago for a marketing conference and then to Knoxville for the wedding of my dear nephew, Christopher, but as we drove back last night and passed through Winston-Salem, it was so comforting to see that familiar red and green neon sign for the KK headquarters among the skyline. After I finish up some work here today, I plan to go to the grocery store and I do hope that I’ll be able to score another batch of the Cheerwine variety.

Another task today is to continue to polish up the manuscript, which is due to my editor in a couple of weeks. She is a terrific lady who is very excited about this project and I look forward to working with her. She is kindly giving me a little time to re-read and make small changes to the manuscript that we agreed upon in an earlier meeting. And at this point, I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a short quote to the beginning of the book to help set the stage for the action. Throughout the novel, poor H.T. finds himself in one predicament after another, and I thought that the quote below from Joyce Cary in the comic novel, The Horse’s Mouth, summarizes it well:

“Things are never so bad that they can’t get any worse.”

This is also what I’m trying to tell my husband today. We came home from our travels to find that our dryer doesn’t work AND that our satellite TV is out. So my question to all of you is when is the last time you had to tell yourself: Well, it could be worse!

Tell me about it and let’s commiserate!


6 thoughts on “And the winner is….plain glazed doughnuts

  1. Glad to hear that good old Glazed doughnuts made the pick.
    Sorry to hear about the dryer and satellite being on the fritz.

    About 11 years ago, we got home from taking my father and step-mom up to NJ after they visited us for a couple of weeks to discover that where they had re-roofed our apartment building they didn’t get the flashing right around part of it, so water leaked in and started to ruin our TV stand, stereo speakers. What got worse was they had goofed up the gutters at the same time so that was the beginnings of CONSTANT water seepage problems. After a few months of the management company promising to fix it again and again, we got out of the rent trap and bought our first home. So, out of something bad, we did get something good.

    So, are you dryer shopping today?

    1. Oh Walter, water leakage is always the worst, especially when you can’t find the solution, or in your case, you’re not sure someone is really looking! But as you say, the silver lining in that drippy cloud was your first home. Sweet!

      Our silver lining (don’t tell Robert) is that the satellite people won’t be here till Friday so I’m hoping to make more progress on a difficult book I’m reading and perhaps we’ll have more family conversation instead of everyone retreating to their own TV havens. Also, in terms of the dryer, we’ve got a friend with a cousin named Steve “who can fix anything” so we’re hoping our dryer is just a little sick.

      Hope your dad is recuperating well….

  2. I just nudged my shoulder against the front door to my office building and cracked the glass. Sure didn’t expect that today.

    Congratulations on your novel and its acceptance, Ashley!

  3. I missed the vote for the KK doughnuts – but would’ve voted original glazed! Both are my boys’ faves! 🙂

    We discussed this quote the other day – I love it. I think it is perfect for to set the tone. Great idea.

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