On the subject of Krispy Kreme doughnuts….

The goodwill sent my way yesterday was simply amazing. Nearly 300 people viewed this blog and a good many lent their very kind comments. For the very latest news, please sign up for updates on Naked and Hungry. To do so, scroll down the right-hand column of this page and select “Sign me up!” under “Email Subscription.” By providing your email address, you’ll receive the latest news about the book, including information on events, signings, advance copies, and much more!

Now back to the matter at hand….Krispy Kreme doughnuts. My confession about my hankering for the Cheerwine-cream-filled variety inspired a virtual pilgrimage on the part of my friend Walter, who was determined to sample them for himself. Sad to say, he did not share my enthusiasm. Like my son Dashiel, he is a purist and prefers his Cheerwine straight up. Fair enough.

My main character, H.T., fancies himself a bit of a gourmet cook. As a native Tar Heel, however, he nurtures a passion for these yeasty treats. For fun, I invite you to vote on his favorite type of Krispy Kreme.

We’ll announce the results in my next posting. Until then, again, thank you, dear family and friends for your support. Hugs, kisses and Krispy Kreme!


4 thoughts on “On the subject of Krispy Kreme doughnuts….

  1. My favorite KK doughnut is of course, the hot glazed RIGHT OFF THE LINE! Now, I’ve never worked at a KK so I’m not fortunate enough to have eaten one literally right off the line, but I think you get my point. Heck, sometimes, they are too hot to eat and you have to wait a moment before you can tear into them. Amazingly, I don’t believe I actually had a “hot doughnut” until after I was well into my 20’s. They are such a sublime pleasure.

    When it comes to filled Doughnuts, Dunkin is king. It seems to me, their doughnuts are just lighter and better tasting. Their coffee also completely hits it out of the park! KK has tried to capture some of Dunkin’s coffee market but it’s not there yet.

    Had the Cheerwine doughnut been a “fresh off the line” I might have enjoyed it more. The cream filling was good, just not what the hype had built up to. You’re right, I would rather just drink my Cheerwine. (Ice cold, if you please)

    1. Walter, thank you! I hope you voted…..Sublime is the perfect word to describe KK, I wish I had thought of that! The grease streak that lines your throat afterwards, well, we won’t talk about that. A good chaser–perhaps ice cold Cheerwine–will take care of that. Agree with you on the Dunkin coffee, Robert adores it!

  2. I still have not yet try the Cheerwine donut, so therefore the Glazed will be my favorite. Still trying to find a Harris Teeter in Charlotte that has them.

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