Then I looked in those big green eyes

Okay, a story. A funny one. Today my friend Melissa (yes, of the big green eyes) was bemoaning the fact that there exists no musical tribute to “green eyes.” It’s only about brown or blue eyes, she says, citing Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl,” Elton John’s “Blue Eyes,” and dare we forget (I almost had!): Crystal Gale’s: Don’t it make my brown eyes blue….”

Well, driving home today, of all days, what song do you think came across the radio? Cliff Richard’s 1970ish hit, “Devil Woman.”

“I drank the potion she offered me. I found myself on the floor. Then I looked in those big green eyes, and I wondered what I came there for!”

My carpooler and I sang along and giggled for the rest of the ride home. Of course we called Melissa, couldn’t get her, and so we left her a  musical tribute of our own. Now, is this kind of tribute she had in mind? Maybe not. Is it worthy of her green eyes? Definitely not. Would most of us like to be called “Devil Woman?” Certainly not. But if anything, it was a fitting end to the kind of day that only “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” could appreciate.


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