Rainy-Sunny-Rainy Monday

Interesting day. Started out sunny, then turned rainy and teetered between the two extremes all day. It was hot, too, so it wasn’t a bad day to be at work, after all. Had a lot of catching up to do since my vacation but it’s always a pleasure to see my co-workers, especially my car-pool buddy. We keep each other amused the whole way to work and back, particularly laughing at the antics of our husbands and pets. Had she been born a couple of centuries before, she might well have been the subject of Byron’s classic: “She walks in beauty like the night…..”

Tomorrow, meetings, ugh. Ever since I read The 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris–I admit I’ve had a rather negative view of them. The good news is that my trip to an annual strategic marketing seminar in Chicago was approved. I’ll be going there in July, which is a great time to be in the Windy City. And the conference itself is simply fantastic. I always return more energized, for work and life. And I’m sure there’s bound to be a creperie or two. Stomach is growling just thinking about it…..:)


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